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One Guard is an American owned company with its origin heavily influenced by military tradition. Honesty, duty, integrity and attention to detail are the core values, which our company has been based. In an economic climate, where deception and vagueness rule the day, One Guard seeks to stand out from the pack. We want all of our valued clients to be fully informed of everything.

One Guard believes that friendly service and expertise are the key components to any solid foundation. If we can offer these skills then everything else will fall into place.

We will continue to be on the cutting edge of automobile inspections by constantly refining our process to include robust features that will keep our clients as informed as possible. Our hope is to reinvent the wheel as opposed to maintaining the status quo. We thrive for new and innovative ways of providing inspections to our clients. We want it to be as if the client was there when the inspection was conducted even when they are miles away. Who knows where this new era thinking will lead us but as long as we maintain our core fundamentals, it will all come together to form the highest quality product in the industry.

As a military based company, we would like to extend a special thanks to all veterans. Being veterans ourselves, we understand the sacrifices made in order to defend our country’s freedom. For those Joes looking to purchase a vehicle, give us a call for special pricing.

Gone but never forgotten


Staff Sgt. Eric Caban

U.S Army-March 1978-July 2006

Sgt. Nathan “Luke” Shaw

U.S Army-June 1978-April 2011
  • What others have said about One Guard


    “One Guard was fast, professional and responsive. They answered all of my questions and allowed me to make an educated purchase of my new vehicle.”

    – James from New York


  • What others have said about One Guard


    “A wonderful experience.”

    – Bill from Florida


  • What others have said about One Guard


    “The One Guard team was great to work with. Highly recommended.”

    – Mike from Canada




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