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automobile mechanical failures can cost thousands of dollars.

Many companies like to keep their clients in the dark as much as possible however One Guard is not that way. We like all of our clients to know as much as they want to know. We try to be as transparent as possible by providing the answers to any questions asked. Below are a few frequently asked questions. If these do not answer you questions please emails us at please emails us at


Question: How soon will my inspection be conducted?

Answer: Most inspections are conducted within 48 hours of receipt of order, however this is dependent on the availability of the seller and vehicle. One Guard will make every effort to complete all inspections as quickly as possible.

Question: Who will conduct my inspection?

Answer: Your inspection will be conducted by our local, ASE-certified inspector. Our inspectors have years of experience as inspectors and mechanics. They are experienced at identifying noticeable mechanical failures.

Question: What will happen if I order an inspection and the vehicle has been sold?

Answer: One Guard will make every effort to inspect your vehicle as soon as possible but if the vehicle is sold, One Guard will offer another inspection credit or a full refund. Refunds typically take 3-5 days to process.  There are no refunds on completed inspections.

Question: When can I expect my report?

Answer: Inspections are uploaded to the site the evening of the day that the inspection was conducted or the following morning. Reports are then reviewed by our QA team, which can take up to 24 hours to ensure accuracy and thoroughness.   

Question: Will my report be reviewed for accuracy?

Answer: All reports are reviewed by our in-house, master ASE technician. He will review each report and contact the inspector if there are any discrepancies. The report will not be released until it is accurate and detailed. This helps you to make the most informed decision possible.



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