Corporate Partnerships

One Guard Inspections is a US-Based company with an inspector network of over 500 ASE-certified inspectors. Coverage consists of the continental United States in addition to Alaska and Hawaii. Our staff has a background in claims administration so they can identify with what our corporate clients are looking for. While other companies may promise great and personal service, One Guard actually delivers. Our staff consists of a former operations manager, claims adjusters and inspectors who have worked in the auto warranty industry. We understand all too well what problems the corporate client is facing. One Guard was developed to fill that gap between great service and expertise.
Corporate Clients
Working with One Guard has it's benefits
  • Thorough and accurate reports by ASE-certified inspectors…not just another guy with a digital camera reciting what the repair facility told him
  • Inspector on-site to conduct inspection within 24-48 hours
  • Rigorous review process by in-house Master ASE techs…not a college guy working a part-time call center job
  • Customized reports…we will report on what you need and not make you conform to a preformatted, generalized report
  • Easy-to-read report presented in your secure, online account…all reports are stored on our secured server
  • High-resolution, easy-to-use photo gallery with light box feature that allows for enlarged photo viewing
  • Carfax and inspection bundling packages
  • Hi-Definition video capability…extremely beneficial for diagnosing failures when vehicle is not torn down
  • Fluid sampling
  • Incorporated repair facility database…no lost time typing
  • Personal attention from our friendly and knowledgeable service team
  • Superior service at a competitive rate


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